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Towns and Nations

Towny Overview

Towny is a plugin for a Bukkit modded Minecraft server. The plugin itself is a manager for a Resident-Town-Nation hierarchy, as well as a block permission manager for a grid-like protection system. Each town has a mayor, while a nation has a king. They both have their own assistants to help run their respective people. Players can also purchase land from the town, as well as an optional daily tax set by the mayor. The player can allow his friends from out of town to build on his land when even his very own town's people can't build if he so wishes.

The basis of protection follows under how the world is separated into chunks. For those unaware, minecraft servers are broken up into 16x16x384 sections of blocks. The 384 being the height from the bedrock floor to the clouds in the sky. The protection ignores the height and focuses on the x and z planes. The default size for grid squares is 16x16, similar to the chunk size (configurable when you start using towny). So claiming a townblock (a grid square) allows that section of land to follow your town's or the plot owner's permissions.

Each town can claim up to a certain amount of townblocks, a set ratio or amount configured in the setting that is relative to the amount of players taking residence in that town. Residents themselves have no limit on how many they claim, however the daily tax (when using alongside an economy plugin) will take a bite out of their resources. The money is tunnelled to the town's bank account that only the mayor can withdraw from, except if the town belongs to a nation. Any town belonging to a nation may be required to pay the nation a daily upkeep as well.

Towny Hierarchy

Towns and Nations have their own rank system attributed to them. The founder of a town or nation have full permissions for the town or nation. There are also War Ranks that have certain paygrades to them; lower tier rank gets a lower pay grade

Town Ranks

Nation Ranks

Military Ranks

Towny Commands


The Economy

On Emerald, the economy uses a digital currency that does not have a physical form. Money can be obtained via the Shop (/shop), Jobs (/jobs browse), Events (See Misc.), or someone paying you with /pay. Money can be used to buy ranks (/ranks), create towns and nations (see Towns and Nations), items from the Shop (/shop), the Auction House (/ah), and fight wars (see Wars).

There is also a secondary currency called Tokens. Tokens are primarily used for tags (/tags), which are cosmetic and apply a title at the end of your name, or they can be used for the Token Shop (/ts), which contains some items not found in /shop. 


SiegeWar Overview

Wars are decided by Sieges. Sieges are a multiday 'King of the Hill' which takes place outside of a town.

Sieges are fought with two sides:

Depending on which team wins the siege, Plunder and/or Invasion of the town may be possible.

Battle Sessions occur on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays every three hours, lasting for 60 minutes, with a two hour intermission.

SiegeWar Commands

/sw - base siegewar command

/sw guide - opens the siegewar guide

/sw hud <town> - opens the hud of a town in war

/sw collect - collects income from war

/sw town inviteoccupation <nation> - invites a nation to occupy your town

/sw nation paysoldiers <amount> - pays your soldiers according to rank

/sw nation removeoccupation <town> - removes occupation of a town

/sw nation transferoccupation <town> <nation> - transfers occupation of a town to another nation

/sw nextsession - tells you when the next battle session is

/sw spawn <town> - spawns you wherever the battle commander is.


As a King of a nation or as Mayor of a town, you can bestow military ranks to players in your nation or town.

Nation Military Ranks:

Town Military Ranks:

Starting a Siege

As a nation king or general, place a non-white banner in the wilderness close to a town:

The nation deposits $2,500/plot into a War Chest with a $750/plot upfront cost (not recoverable):

PVP is force-enabled in a 100 block radius around the Siege Banner (the Siege Zone).

Before a Siege begins, and after a Siege Banner is placed, a Siege Assembly begins. This is a 'King of the Hill' stage where you need to amass 50 points within 10 minutes by standing in the radius to start a Siege.

Fighting in a Siege

Wait for a Battle Session to begin:

Capture Banner:

Kill Enemy Players:

Win Battle:

Win Siege:

Abandoning an Attack:

Surrendering as a Defender:

Plundering and Occupation

Plundering a Town:

Invading a Town:

Escaping Occupation

As the mayor of a town which has been defeated in a siege and invaded, you have a few options.

Free yourself via a Revolt Siege:

Get a friendly nation to free the town using a Liberation Siege:

Fight off a Suppression siege by the occupier:


Ranks (/ranks)

On Emerald, there are 8 ranks that can be purchased that give you perks and other abilities. These ranks are purchased with money, and scale up in price depending on the rank, starting from $10,000 and ending at $2.5 million. These ranks are not necessary, but provide a challenge and some progression. 


AureliumSkills (/skills)

The server uses AureliumSkills, a plugin that functions similar to McMMO with skills that can be upgraded and abilities that can be unlocked. 


Farming - Harvest crops to earn Farming XP.

Foraging - Harvest trees to earn Foraging XP.

Mining - Mine blocks and ores to earn Mining XP.

Fishing - Catch fish to earn Fishing XP.

Excavation - Dig with a shovel to earn Excavation XP.

Fighting - Fight players with melee weapons to earn Fighting XP.

Alchemy - Brew potions to earn Alchemy XP.

Enchanting - Enchant items and books to earn Enchanting XP.

Dungeoneering - Complete Dungeons to earn Dungeoneering XP.

Healing - Drink and use splash potions to earn Healing XP.

Forging - Repair or combine items in an anvil to earn Forging XP.


It also has a stats feature (/stats), which can increase your health, damage or toughness depending on which skills you level up. 

Strength - Increases attack damage with various weapons.

Health - Increases your HP.

Regeneration - Increases how fast you regenerate HP and Mana.

Luck - Increases luck while fishing, mob drops and loot chests.

Wisdom - Increases maximum Mana and decreases anvil costs.

Toughness - Reduces incoming damage from enemy attacks.

Custom Items

Custom Items

On Emerald, it is a tradition that there are custom items that can be created or obtained. Do /crafts to view a custom item set and its item's recipes.

Ruby Set

To get started with the Ruby Set, craft an Unpurified Ruby Pickaxe with 64 redstone blocks, 2 netherite ingots, deepslate and a netherite pickaxe. The Unpurified Ruby Pickaxe has a small chance of dropping Ruby Powder, which can be used to craft Rubies.

To craft other items in the set, surround a netherite item with rubies to create a Ruby item. You can do this with a brand new Unpurified Ruby Pickaxe to create a Purified Ruby Pickaxe, an upgraded version with a much higher chance of dropping Ruby Powder.

Sapphire Set

To get started with the Sapphire Set, complete dungeons to have the chance to obtain Sapphire Powder or Sapphire items. Sapphire Powder can be crafted into Sapphires with Netherite Scraps.



Dungeons are long challenges that can be completed solo or with up to 3 other people. Completing Dungeons gives rewards and Dungeoneering Skill XP. There are normal and hard modes for each Dungeon.

The Withered Palace

The Withered Palace is the first Dungeon of the server. Players are tasked with venturing into the palace of the King who once ruled the land, after NULL interference left it in ruins.

The player's task is to venture through the castle and defeat whatever horrors lie within.

Custom Fish


On the server, there are Custom Fish that can vary in length, rarity and value. These fish can be sold with /fish for profit. The rarities include: Junk, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical.

Fishing Competitions

Alongside the custom fish, there are fishing competitions that challenge players to do a certain fishing task in a limited time. The winners will receive monetary rewards.


On Emerald Earth, there is a plugin called Brewery which allows you to create custom drinks with drunkenness and other effects. 

To create drinks, follow these steps as a guide. 

Normal Recipes

Normal Brewery drinks can be found here.

Custom Drink Recipes

Golden Vodka | Ingredients: 10 Potato, 2 Gold Nuggets | Cooking Time: Long | Distills: Multiple | Age: Even Number

Juggernog | Ingredients: 64 Diamond, 12 Golden Apples | Cooking Time: ? | Distills: 0 | Age: 6

LCL | Ingredients: 2 Lava Bucket, 3 Lily Pad, 16 Water Bucket | Cooking Time: 2 | Distills: 5 | Age: 2

Elixir of Sapphire | Ingredients: 64 Lapis, 1 Water Bucket, 8 Blue Dye | Cooking Time: Long | Distills: 6

Bloth | Ingredients: All raw meat and 1 rotten flesh | Cooking Time: 16

Coffee | Ingredients: 12 Cocoa Beans, Milk Bucket and 4 Sugar | Cooking Time: 2

Root Beer | Ingredients: 3 Oak Sapling, 3 Dark Oak Sapling, 1 Mangrove Propagule | Cooking Time: 8

Salt Water | Ingredients: 2 Water Bucket | Cooking Time: Short

Ale | Ingredients: 1 Water Bucket, 8 Wheat, 12 Sugar | Cooking Time: 7 | Distills: Odd number | Age: Long

Apple Juice | Ingredients: 1 Water Bucket, 16 Apples, 5 Sugar | Cooking Time: 5 | Age: Even Number

Elixir of the Soul | Ingredients: 4 Soul Torch, 2 Echo Shards, 1 Water Bucket | Cooking Time: 9 | Age: Odd Number

Tea | Ingredients: 6 Oak Saplings, 1 Water Bucket, 4 Sugar | Cooking Time: 2 | Age: Even Number

Lean | Ingredients: 1 Lava Bucket, 2 Sugar, 1 Milk Bucket, 5 Wheat, 1 String | Cooking Time: 2^3 | Age: Even Number

Dr Pepper | Ingredients: 12 Sugar, 2 Wheat, 1 Apple, 2 Glow Berries, 1 Water Bucket | Cooking Time: Even Number

Cacti Juice | Ingredients: 12 Green Dye, 2 Wheat | Cooking Time: 8 | Age: sqrt(16)

Chocolate Milk | Ingredients: 1 Milk Bucket, 8 Cocoa Beans, 12 Sugar | Cooking Time: 4 | Distills: 0 | Age: 0

Speed Cola | Ingredients: 64 Sugar, 12 Lime Dye, 64 Diamond | Cooking Time: 4 | Age: 2^2

Stamin-Up | Ingredients: 64 Sugar, 12 Orange Dye, 64 Diamond, 4 Nether Quartz | Cooking Time: 6 | Age: ?

Double Tap 2.0 | Ingredients: 16 Blaze Powder, 12 Orange Dye, 64 Diamond | Cooking Time: ? | Age: 2

Tequila | Ingredients: 8 Green Dye | Wood: 1 | Cooking Time: Short

Hot Chocolate | Ingredients: 1 Milk Bucket, 4 Cocoa Beans | Cooking Time: 2 | Age: 2

Nuka Cola | Ingredients: 16 Sugar, 12 Melon Slice, 1 Apple, 5 Sweet Berry, 2 Gunpowder | Cooking Time: ? | Age: 4

Dwarven Beer | Ingredients: 10 Stone, 3 Coal Ore, 3 Iron Ore, 2 Gold Ore, 2 Deepslate Gold Ore | Cooking Time: ? | Age: ?

Absinthe: Same Recipe, but uses vines instead of the original item.

Green Absinthe: Same Recipe, but uses vines instead of the original item.

Potato Soup: Same Recipe, but uses vines instead of the grass.

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